Auction Services

A well-advertised, professionally conducted real estate auction benefits the seller by creating an environment where you can sell your property in the shortest period of time, for the greatest amount of money, on the terms and conditions that are most favorable to you. The Cushman & Wakefield marketing plan is an intense six-week campaign utilizing signs, brochures, email, internet, direct mail, and personal phone calls. Once the seller accepts the purchase agreement from the highest bidder, the transaction closes within 21 days. This compressed time frame dramatically reduces the seller’s carrying costs.

Auction Services Include:

•    Sealed Bid and Live Auctions
•    Property Assessment
•    Due Diligence
•    Market Research
•    Valuation
•    Marketing
•    Debt and Equity Services

Contact our Auction Director below for additional information:

Ray Simons, ALC
+1 317 639 0465